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* The Institute encourages a multidisciplinary and transnational approach in all its activities in order to further the exchange of opinions and experiences among representatives of the academic, industrial and social communities.
* This strategic approach is indispensable in todays society to effectively manage future growth and development for a sustainable global culture.
* During its sixty-year activities the Institute has set up a world-wide professional network established among the Staff and the Alumni. Many of them have reached prominent positions in international law firms, companies, diplomacy and organisations, and some of those who were students in the past are later invited to come back as lecturers or experts in different education and research activities.


Founded in July 1952by the University of Turin, the City and the Province of Turin, the Istituto Universitario di Studi Europei (IUSE) is a non-profit association legally recognised by the Region of Piedmont.

The Institutes main objectives are research, education and information in the field of European and international affairs.

Post-graduate education is one of the Institutes principle areas of activity. Courses are organised in the field of European integration and international relations, where lectures are given by prominent Italian and international experts, university professors, practitioners, law consultants, company managers and officials from European and international institutions.

The Institutes educational programmes have now been attended by more than 2000 students coming from about 100 different countries, while the faculty staff has been composed by hundreds teachers from a large variety of countries. Current calendar of post-graduate courses includes the following:

* Law & Business in Europe Autumn School
* LLM in International Trade Law Contracts and Dispute Resolution
* Turin International Summer School Migration - Challenges and Opportunities for Europe
* Preparatory courses for EU selection competition
* International and Diplomatic Studies

Executive courses are also organised for public and private bodies on topics such as: EU projects and programmes, public procurement, state aid, EU documentation.

The Institutes greatest asset is its library of international law and economics, currently comprising more than 30,000 publications, documents and serial publications on European and international topics.

The Institute is a recognised European Documentation Centre. It is regularly supplied with the official publications of the EU institutions and it is linked to the European Commission's databases so that users have prompt access to EC data.


Since 1952, the University Institute of European Studies has been designated a European Documentation Centre (EDC) and as such is regularly supplied with the official publications of the European Union's institutions: European Parliament, European Council, Court of Justice, European Commission, Economic and Social Committee, European Investment Bank, Court of Auditors. Publications include books, reports, collections, series, studies, periodicals dealing with Community activities and issues, information documents and statistics.

The Centre also holds the complete set of the EU's Official Journal and the European Court of Justice Judgments. Links with the databases of the Community institutions ensure users rapid access to documents. CD-Roms dealing with Community law and European documentation are also available.

The EDC periodically runs short "European documentation courses: Internet resources and data bases" for both university students and public and private bodies.
The Institute Library is composed of books on law, economics, history and political science, international documentation and periodicals. It is specialised in European Community and international law as well as international economics and trade.

In addition to the publications of the European Communities, the Library receives the documents issued by the following international organisations:

* OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development)
Numerous publications on general economic questions, including the series "Economic Studies" and "OECD Observer", received since 1949. A complete set of OECD monographs published from 1980 to 2003.
Access to the online database "Source OECD" (full-text of all publications).
* GATT-WTO (World Trade Organisation)
As a depositee of the GATT-WTO publications, the following series from 1952 are available: juridical instruments, international trade reports, GATT-WTO operational reports, international trade studies.
* Council of Europe
The Library possesses most of the publications produced by the Council of Europe since 1948. These consist of 50 collections, volumes and fascicles dealing primarily with human rights, local authorities and education. A complete set of European conventions is also available.
* ECMT-CEMT (European Ministers of Transport Conference)
Publications produced by the European Ministers of Transport Conference since 1980.

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