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In 1999 Europe started the Bologna Process, named after the university where it was proposed. The aim of this process was, and still is, to create an European Higher Education Area (EHEA) based on international cooperation and academic exchange that is attractive to students and staff from all over the world. It facilitates mobility of students, graduates and higher education staff. The EHEA prepares students for their future careers and most importantly, it offers broad access to high-quality higher education all over Europe.

Studying in Europe opens up all sorts of opportunities to see more of the world. Not just because you would have the opportunity to travel, also because since the Bologna Process it is easier to go to another country to follow a semester at a different university, without wasting time to transcribe your grades. There is a wide range of different study options, and one of them can be your dream programme.

The number of English-taught study programmes in continental Europe have increased explosively in the last couple of years. The ten mainland European countries with the most English-taught study programmes are: Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands. But higher education is often delivered in English in the rest of the European countries as well. The choice is endless, from highly ranked research universities to smaller, specialised universities.

Summer/short courses

Summer courses and short-term courses offer a great variety of subjects for a short and set period of time. This period can vary from for example a week to six weeks, depending on country, institution and course. It is an excellent opportunity to gain academic, cultural and social experience if you are not able to access longer term opportunities. There is a wide variety of countries and institutions that offer summer and short courses in all kinds of subject areas. It is a great opportunity to get some background information for your own research, to learn a language or to gain knowledge on a related topic.

Sometimes summer and short courses provide the student with short term housing. It is therefore useful to find out if housing is included in the fee of the summer or short course you wish to apply for, for that might not be the case.

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