University of Debrecen

Debrecen, Hungary

No. Students: 29,700 (3,700 int'l)* No. of Academic staff: 1,179
Funding type: Public
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Why should I study here?

Discover the top reasons to study at University of Debrecen

If you want to study at the largest and most diverse university in Hungary, Debrecen is the right place for you. We offer internationally competitive degrees accredited almost over the world, engage you with an international group of students from almost 80 countries.

The University, with its 15 faculties, an academic staff of 1500 and non-academic staff of about 5000, does everything in its power to serve the role of one of the most prestigious universities of the country.

The Medical School is one of the largest hospitals in Hungary with 18 clinical departments. Our medical school is not only the best equipped institution in the area, but also represents the most important health care facility for day-to-day medical care in our region.

Why choose us:

  • European degrees of renowned state research university

  • Wide range of internship opportunities

  • Huge number of international students and challenging, multicultural environment, viral student life

  • Several scholarship programs allow temporary studies at other European universities

Further information concerning medical and other health-related education is available on our official web-site ( Enquiries can be sent to the following e-mail address: or call +36-52-258-051, +36-52-258-052; Fax: +36-52-414-013.

Further information concerning any of the non-medical programs is available on the official web-site For further enquiries contact or call +36-52-258-655, Fax: +36-52-518-623.


University of Debrecen

The University of Debrecen is one of the most prestigious universities in Hungary. Hungary is situated in Central Europe and it is a full member of both the European Union and the Schengen Agreement. Debrecen has some 200,000 inhabitants and although it is not huge in international terms, it is still the second largest city of Hungary; only the capital (Budapest) is bigger. Debrecen is a tranquil and safe city with a picturesque university main campus located in the “Big Forest” region. All major buildings and most students’ accommodation facilities are within the walls of the main campus, thus there is practically no need to travel between the various departments and the accommodation area.

The History of the University of Debrecen dates back to 1538, when the Reformed College of Debrecen was established. The first faculties of the then called Hungarian Royal University of Sciences (established in 1912) grew out of the College making the University of Debrecen the higher education institute with the longest continuous history in Hungary. Medical studies started in 1918, this was Central Europe’s first campus medical school. Today the 15 faculties situated on 7 campuses have almost 30,000 students. The international programs were launched in 1987 and all of them are delivered in English. At present, the number of international students is about 3,700 and they represent countries from all major regions of the world, including Europe, the Middle and Far East, Africa, and North America.


The University of Debrecen, like all higher education institutes, conducts its programs according to the European Qualifications Framework of the Bologna Process. Thus diplomas attained at the University of Debrecen are generally accepted in the countries of the European Union.

Medical programs are accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO), The State Education Department (NY, USA), Medical Board of California the General Medicine Council (UK PLAB exam is compulsory), Medical Councils of Israel, Ireland, Iran, Norway and the United Arab Emirates. It is accepted for registration purposes in most other European countries and in India, where a qualifying exam is required.



Both the Hostel and Student Apartment Hostel are situated within the walls of the campus, and they can accommodate 370 students in neatly arranged small apartments. The monthly cost of the accommodation in the University Hostels is approximately $300-500. You can find more information about the dormitories and or contact our partner agency, Troubleshooter at

Student life

Students can choose from a wide range of extra activities.

The Faculties have a variety of student clubs. The Medical Athletic Club ( has well equipped facilities including tennis and basketball courts, a weight room and an easily accessible swimming pool is nearby. (

Lovarda organizes student parties weekly.

You will find a number of coffee and tea shops as well as bars,pubs and clubs offering all kinds of night time entertainment in the City Center.

Short Courses at University of Debrecen

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