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Dortmund, Germany

No. Students: 24,000
Funding type: Public
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In the west of Dortmund, just a few minutes away from the heart of the Westphalian metropolis, the campus of the University of Dortmund is situated. Here nearly 24,000 students are preparing themselves for their jobs. 3000 scientists as well as technical and other employees are working here.

The University of Dortmund combines academic tradition with modern programmes to guarantee a special quality of teaching and research. Established in the sixties as an answer to the structural crises of the former coal and steel district it has enriched the educational scenery with new and partly unique study offers and thus acquired the reputation of an innovative reform university.

With its research potential the University of Dortmund does not only make an important contribution to the regional development but to the structural change within the whole Ruhr Area. With partnerships and cooperations with universities and scientists in the whole world the University of Dortmund is anchored firmly in the international science community.

TU Dortmund University has been researching and teaching at the global intersection between man, nature and technology since its establishment in 1968. It has developed a unique profile with a special combination of faculties in the natural sciences and engineering, the social sciences and the humanities. This structure produces new knowledge, methodologies and technical innovations. It also provides deep insights into how technology drives cultural change. All this is achieved through a wide spectrum of innovative research and in more than 60 bachelor's and master's programs including a broad-based teacher training curriculum.


The Dortmund Student Services is a public service company for students of TU Dortmund. In addition to the different cafeterias and cafes, Student Services manages and maintains dormitories around the campus.

In addition to the services at TU Dortmund, Student Services manages cafeterias, cafes and dormitories in Hagen, Iserlohn, Soest and Meschede. Most importantly, the interests of the main customers, the students, are always considered.

Student life

Life at TU Dortmund is far more than seminars, lectures and examinations. The campus and its facilities invite you to stay longer, to go out for food, to listen to music and to party; or to stay even longeras residents in one of the dormitories.

Whether you decide to have the special meal in the cafeteria or to take an athletics course at the AHS or to spend an evening listening to live music at the annual Campus Festival, life in and around the university is multifaceted and anything but boring.

On the following pages you can catch up on these facets; this may even give you the impulse to stay after the lecture and take part in the campus life. By clicking on the further links, you can find more detailed information about the single facilitiesor you can just have a look at the student restaurant menu for the next week.

The university sports association keeps you fit and healthy, is a compensation for the study and work routine, connects the university members and brings German and foreign students closer to each otherno matter which sport you choose. Just come and find out if there is something for you.

With its selection of more than 60 kinds of sport and about 150 courses for 30,000 students and employees, the sports association presents a large program with an optimal combination of sport-specific and health-oriented courses, fitness courses and fun with free sports activities and competitive sport.

Use the extensive offer and make your semester more active. For further information please contact the AHS as part of the Department for Student Service.

Short Courses at TU Dortmund

Leibniz Research Centre for Working Environment and Human Factors (IfADo)

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