Utrecht University

  • 30344 Students (2000 int'l)
  • #48 ARWU
  • Public University
Utrecht, Netherlands
Utrecht University is a research university comprising of seven faculties which collectively span the entire academic spectrum in teaching and research. Founded in 1636, the University is now a modern, leading institute enjoying a growing international reputation. In the Shanghai Ranking, Utrecht University ranks 1st in the Netherlands, 12th in Europe and 48th worldwide.
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Why should I study here at Utrecht University?

Utrecht University is home to a community of leading scientists and ambitious students, active in a wide range of academic disciplines. As a result, we have an outstanding reputation.

  • Outstanding Utrecht University ranks 48th in the prestigious Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities, while the German CHE Excellence Ranking places Utrecht University among the top four institutes in Europe. But perhaps most importantly more than 88% of our international students rate their lecturers in Utrecht very highly as experts in their field, and students are very satisfied with the courses they have taken.
  • Ambition As Utrecht University wants you to live up to your uniquely individual full potential, it enables you to determine certain aspects of your Masters programme. Take a moment to review the wide range of discipline-specific and interdisciplinary research and education activities and follow your interests. Feel free to express any ambitions you may have, including working on an intriguing research project or broadening your horizons and adding weight to your CV by completing a work placement with a company or governmental body. There are plenty of options to choose from, and we encourage you to make the most of them.
  • Commitment Utrecht Universitys academic staff is highly committed to their research and teaching activities. They demand the same commitment from their students, who are expected to be self-motivated and work diligently. At the same time, the atmosphere at Utrecht University is open and informal. It is fairly common for students to call professors and lecturers by their given name. The combination of this commitment and the open, informal character foster a feeling of a tight-knit community among both students and staff.
  • Collaboration Social issues often require you to move outside of the confines of your specific discipline and connect with other experts. Multidisciplinary collaboration is a well-developed approach at Utrecht University. Utrecht Life Sciences, for example, is home to research ranging from the molecule to man: Chemistry, Biology, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Medicine. At the knowledge centre Institutions of the Open Society, economists, political scientists, sociologists, legal specialists and historians join forces to better understand the socio-economic interactions that determine qualitative aspects of society. Collaborative partnerships are also a way to extend our own academic community.
  • Independence At Utrecht University, you are not only expected to work diligently, but also to develop a mindset of independent and original thinking characteristic of an academic. You will be asked to be critical and state your own views. Some international students are not used to disagreeing with their professor, but they come to appreciate and value this approach. Developing an academic mindset gives you a head start in any career you pursue after earning your Masters.
  • Dare to excel! As a member of Utrecht Universitys academic community, you will have first-hand experience with a demanding, yet rewarding academic and research environment, which offers every opportunity to pursue your personal interests and develop your talents to the full. We are committed to your success. Dare to excel!

About Utrecht University

Broad range of academic programmes

Utrecht University offers a broad range of 45 undergraduate and 107 graduate programmes, the latter including many English-taught programmes. There are 30,344 students at Utrecht University and 7,500 members of staff. Every year, more than 2,000 international students and researchers stay in Utrecht for variable periods of time.

University budget

The University budget is 749 million, 36 per cent of which comes from grants, fundraising and external contract activities, the remainder is financed by fees and by the Dutch government. Utrecht University closely liaises with business and industry on innovative and socially relevant research.

Three campuses

Ever since its foundation, the University has been located in Utrechts historical, medieval town centre. The inner city campus comprises of two faculties. The other faculties are situated at the Uithof Campus, east of the town centre. The Faculty of Medicine is co-governed by University Medical Center Utrecht. A third campus, just outside the town centre, is home to University College Utrecht, Utrecht Universitys international undergraduate college.

Accreditations of Utrecht University

In the 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 issues of Elsevier magazines extensive survey among Dutch institutes of higher education, students rated UCU as the best university college in the country.

In the 2010 national student survey (Nationale Studentenenquete or NSE) UCU ranked highest among Utrecht University's bachelor programs.

The 2011 Academic Ranking of World Universities conducted by Shanghai University ranks Utrecht University as #1 in the Netherlands, #12 in Europe and #48 in the world. The research focused Shanghai ranking is an influential index of universities worldwide.

UCU is fully accredited and internationally evaluated as excellent on level achieved and quality of education by a joint commission consisting of a council from QANU - an independent assessor of higher education programs in Holland - and delegates from the American Higher Learning Commission.


Utrecht University provides you with access to a great range of facilities and social activities. Utrecht University offers excellent ICT facilities and a modern library. The university buildings have modern facilities and there are numerous computer and reading rooms for students use. A number of university buildings have areas available for rest and contemplation.

Please note that not all of the options mentioned here may be available to you - it depends on the specific course or programme you follow. Campus life is very intense for instance at University College and Roosevelt Academy where you eat, study and live on their campuses. As an exchange student, you might live in a privately rented room in the old city centre of Utrecht and just visit campus for study purposes. PhD students are usually employees of Utrecht University and therefore do not use student facilities.

Student life at Utrecht University

Together, Utrecht University and the city of Utrecht create a comfortable environment for students to study in. Utrecht has a bustling student community, which offers plenty of opportunity for extracurricular activities. There are many different student organisations and societies in Utrecht. Utrecht University has its own cultural centre Parnassos which provides you with plenty of opportunities to explore your talents via the performing arts and creative workshops. De Uithof also provides you with excellent sports facilities at Olympos.

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Short Courses at Utrecht University

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Many organisations offer scholarships or grants. Some of these might help you to study for a Short Course at Utrecht University!

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