ESMOD Berlin - International University of Art for Fashion

Berlin, Germany

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For those aspiring to a career in the industry, ESMOD Berlin offers the opportunity for three-years of in-depth study leading to a BA in Fashion Design and Pattern Making/Draping. Our unique learning environment is the ideal chance for students to flourish and develop professionally as well as personally, preparing them to make their mark on the fashion industry.
The foundation of learning at ESMOD Berlin is the partnership created with individual students through lectures and seminars, taught by professionals who are active in the fashion industry. From practical workshops to presenting their creative work to a jury, students will be guided to a point where they are capable of taking a leadership role themselves and enjoy professional success like ESMOD alumni before them.
ESMOD maintains the quality and traditions of its 170-year history whilst recognizably evolving and continually nurturing successful alumni who go on to make significant contributions to the future of the fashion industry.

Short Courses at ESMOD Berlin - International University of Art for Fashion

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