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Prague, Czech Republic
CERGE-EI is an American-style educational organization located in Prague, the Czech Republic. It focuses on Economics education and research in English. CERGE-EI offers world-class graduate programs - Masters in Applied Economics and PhD in Economics - to students from around the world with special focus on transition countries of CEE, CIS, South Caucasus, and other emerging markets.

About Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education - Economics Institute

Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education - Economics Institute (CERGE-EI) offers world-class graduate education in Economics to students from around the world with a special focus on transition countries of Central and Eastern Europe, CIS, South Caucasus, and other emerging markets.

Chartered by the State of New York and accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education, CERGE-EI is a joint institution of Charles University in Prague and the Economics Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

CERGE-EI was founded in Prague in 1991. The working language of the institution is English.

International Faculty
CERGE-EI faculty includes scholars from a variety of countries. Professors hold PhD degrees from top universities including Princeton, John Hopkins, the London School of Economics, University College of London, Washington University St. Louis, the Universities of Chicago, Virginia, Minnesota, Pittsburgh and Michigan.

"CERGE-EI has assembled a group of vigorous scholars who offer high quality training and access to frontier research in economics in Central Europe. The seminars are active, the scholars are productive and the students trained there are doing high quality reserach."

James J. Heckman, Professor, University of Chicago 2000 Nobel Laureate in Economics

Diverse Student Body
CERGE-EI educates approximately 250 students from more than 35 countries in its various programs each year.

CERGE-EI graduates hold high-level positions in 21 countries worldwide. Employers include academic institutions (Tilburg University, University of British Columbia, Northwestern University, University of Vienna, etc.), international organizations (e.g. The World Bank, IMF, EBRD, ILO, UNDP, Eurostat, OECD), government ministries, central banks, and the private sector (e.g. McKinsey, BCG, Moody's, Deloitte, Altria, Citibank, Raiffeisenbank, Vodafone).

Best Resources
* CERGE-EI has developed its modern economic library to be the largest, most up-to-date collection of economics books, journals, and on-line resources in Central and Eastern Europe.
* Unique Academic Skills Center teaches how to write and think in professional English language.
* Computer facilities and offices for students accessible 24/7.
* International economic conferences, over 50 research seminars and public lectures annually, 11 Nobel prize winners in recent years.

International Recognition
The Social Science Research Network (SSRN) has placed CERGE-EI in the top 4% of 1,236 research institutions worldwide. Research Papers in Economics (RePEc) has ranked CERGE-EI in the top 6% of economic departments / research institutions in Europe.

CERGE-EI has been recognized as a Center for Excellence both by the European Union and US government.

"In a remarkably short period of time, CERGE-EI has become one of the most prominent places in Europe to study Economics."

Orley Ashenfelter, Professor, Princeton University President, American Economic Association, 2011

Accreditations of Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education - Economics Institute

New York State Board of Regents Permanent Charters for the MA, PhD, and MAE programs.

Czech Republic Ministry of Education accreditation for the MA and PhD programs.


Located at Politických veznu 7, one block from Wenceslas Square in the heart of historic Prague, the CERGE-EI building, the House of the Angel (1871), is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year allowing intellectual activity late into the evening and on weekends.

CERGE-EI library was established in 1992 through the generous support of the Austrian government and the Westinghouse Education Foundation. It is state of the art, containing the most extensive and up-to-date economics collection in Central and Eastern Europe, with about 40,000 monographs, as well as subscriptions to more than 300 periodicals, 600 e-journals and access to several library consortiums.

As a result, the library houses a rich collection of contemporary economic literature focused on trans-national economics. As part of CERGE-EIs outreach mission, it is open to the general public as well as to students, faculty, and researchers from other institutions. The library is equipped with the latest computer technology, offers access to widely used data-bases and statistical materials, and is an official depository library of World Bank and UNCTAD documents. Access to materials not in the library is provided through cooperation with other libraries around the world.

Computer Facilities
The Computer Department staff oversees CERGE-EI's LAN network based on both UNIX and Windows platforms. Facilities include a UNIX lab with high-speed workstations, and a PC lab containing state-of-the art computers. The whole building is covered by wifi which in turn is CERGE-EI computer labconnected to a high-speed trunk line. Most major software packages and the statistical software required for modern economic research are supported, as well as the latest version of word processing and spreadsheet programs. E-mail addresses are created for all students, faculty, and researchers. Special arrangements can be made for those requiring specialized computational support, including supercomputer access.

Student life at Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education - Economics Institute

The core of CERGE-EI is its student body. Over the first two decades of its existence, CERGE-EI has grown from 12 students taught by four visiting faculty to a program that each year educates more than 250 students from as many as 35 countries in its PhD, MA, MAE (Masters in Applied Economics) and Study Abroad programs.

CERGE-EI students form a very special community. Classes are small and students know each other well. The CERGE-EI experience is that of a close-knit family with a diversity of interests. You will always find someone with whom to study or to share your interests outside of class.

Sports Activities
Softball team

Traditionally, the talented CERGE-EI team participates in the Heavy Hitters Softball Tournament held each year. The tournament is well-attended by over 300 people and the funds raised from the event go towards educational programs. Though for many students softball is a new game, after some practice they are welcome to join our team, the Invisible Hands, and have a lot of fun.

Squash tournament

Squash has become an ever-more popular sport among the CERGE-EI community. Each October, CERGE-EI students and alumni hold a tournament in the nearby squash center. Everyone is invited to come, to support their team, network, and enjoy the action.

Ski trips

At least once a year (in January), students and faculty pack their skis and snow boards and strike out to the Krkonoe Mountains situated in the northern region of the Czech Republic to prolong their holiday a bit before the new semester begins.

Students Activities
Coffee breaks and movie nights in the Student Club

The students club provides an environment where students can relax and read a book, chat over a coffee, or play games. Even better, why not watch a movie with your colleagues after a long day? Movie nights have a tradition at CERGE-EI thanks to the diversity of CERGE-EI students, you can enjoy the best movies from the countries of your friends and colleagues and get to know their cultures a little better.

International food party

At the beginning of the academic year, the CERGE-EI courtyard becomes for some hours a buffet of traditional food and drinks from around the world. Taste bryndzové haluky from Slovakia, Ukrainian bor, Czech nakládaný hermelín, Russian fish salad, and good Georgian wine or Ethiopian coffee.

Beer parties

Czech Republic is famous for its beer. Several times each semester, an evening event is organized in a typical Prague pub to enjoy good beer in an informal atmosphere with friends, professors, and alumni.

Enjoying Prague
Prague is a spectacular city, filled with a rich collection of cultural heritage and activities, and is one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Europe. CERGE-EI is located in the center of Prague, within walking distance of its main attractions. There are many pubs, restaurants and clubs nearby, which provide students with many opportunities for exploring the city together.

Ladronka Park

Hot and sunny weather transform Prague into one of the most beautiful places in the world. Ladronka Park is an ideal place for skating, beach volleyball, and barbecue. Just grab a blanket, some sandwiches, good sangria and good friends, and head out to this marvelous spot.

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