3 Industrial Design Short Courses in United Kingdom

Industrial Design

Industrial design is focused on designing of products by using knowledge from applied science as well as applied arts and various engineering disciplines. The aim of an industrial designer is, to create a product which fulfils aesthetical, ergonomic as well as usability standards.

Find and compare 3 Short Courses in Industrial Design in United Kingdom. Below is a selection of the available study options in United Kingdom. If you're interested in studying Industrial Design in United Kingdom you can view all 3 Short Courses. You can also read more about the Industrial Design discipline in general, or about studying in United Kingdom.

Suggested Short Courses Programmes

Design essentials Short Course Design essentials
  • Oct 2016
  • EEA  2,700 per year
  • Non-EEA  2,700 per year
  • Not specified

The module is presented in five blocks. Each block focuses on a different phase in the development of a designed product. The first three blocks will give you the skills and tools that are necessary for the research, planning and development of a design project by looking at various products such as chairs, bicycles, mobile phones, kitchen gadgets, buildings and many others. The last two blocks will give you the skills and tools to translate your design ideas into well-specified products by focusing on the configuration, form, material and manufacturing processes.

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Short Course Structural Integrity: Designing Against Failure
  • Feb 2016
  • EEA  1,486 per year
  • 12 months

Structural integrity is the study of the safe design and assessment of components and structures under load, and has become increasingly important in engineering design. It integrates aspects of stress analysis, materials behaviour and the mechanics of failure into the engineering design process.

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Short Course Fundamentals of Interaction Design
  • Feb 2016
  • EEA  1,486 per module
  • 12 months

From websites and phones to video games, ATM machines and drinks dispensers, interactive products are very much part of everyday life. But how many are easy, satisfying and enjoyable to use? Fundamentals of interaction design studies the factors, techniques, tools and theories that affect the design of such products. It will teach you a variety of topics, from computing, psychology and graphic design to entertainment, informatics and usability.

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United Kingdom

United Kingdom

The UK has one of the most cosmopolitan societies within Europe and you will study with people from all over the world. The variety of universities and degrees is broad and degrees will be accepted worldwide.

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Many universities in United Kingdom offer study programmes taught in English. Studying abroad in English-taught classes makes it easier to transfer your acquired knowledge to other countries. Furthermore, English-taught education will ensure international career opportunities in the future. Before starting a programme, you need to have a basic knowledge of the English language. Find an English course on Language Learning Portal or assess your level of English by taking the IELTS language test.

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