5 Short Courses in Film and Theatre Studies

Film and theatre studies belong to the group of performing arts studies. The focus of the studies depends individually on the programme and can be interdisciplinary. Whereas theatre studies usually contain subjects such as acting, dramaturgy and directing, film studies can also cover animation and film theory for example.

Film and Theatre Studies

Find and compare 5 Short Courses in Film and Theatre Studies in Netherlands. Below is a selection of the available study options. If you're interested in studying Film and Theatre Studies in Netherlands you can view all 5 Short Courses. You can also read more about the Film and Theatre Studies discipline in general or about studying in Netherlands.

Suggested Studies

  • Short Course in Visual Legal Advocacy

    Think visual! Can lawyers use film to tell their client’s stories? Can lawyers use images to make their point of view clear? Yes. The use of images is burgeoning in the justice system and will continue to do so. Digital technologies and images have become more important in every phase of the system; multimodality is the standard in nowadays communication and of course also enters the courtrooms. Learn to think visual: theory and hands on!