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Human medicine deals with issues how to maintain human health conditions, prevent from illness and treat it. Human medicine is a health science based on biomedical research. The study field has many multidisciplinary fields, such as biomedical engineering, disaster medicine, hospital medicine, environmental medicine, travel medicine, evolutionary medicine, forensic medicine, medical ethics, sexual medicine, addiction medicine, laser medicine, therapeutics, pain medicine, nosology, medical humanities, pharmacogenomics, urgent care and etc. The field has a wide spectrum of health professionals: bioengineers, pharmacists, therapists, nurses, laboratory scientists and etc. Most of the basic sciences of the field are: genetics, immunology, neurology, psychiatry, neuroscience, microbiology, epidemiology, molecular biology, histology, toxicology, cytology, biostatistics, pharmacology, nutrition science, biophysics, medical physics, biochemistry, pathology, embryology, photobiology, endocrinology, anatomy, radiobiology and biomechanics.

Suggested Study Programmes

  • Short Course in Introducing Health Sciences: a Case Study Approach (SDK125)

    This introductory Level 1 course explores the scientific and social aspects of disease and disability in a global context through seven case studies: water and health in an overcrowded world; pain; alcohol; screening for breast cancer; chronic lung disease; trauma and accidents; and visual impairment.

  • Short Course in Infectious Disease and Public Health (SK320)

    Infectious disease affects all our lives to varying degrees, often making front-page news: ‘New resistant strain of TB’, ‘Will bird flu cross over to humans?’ ‘Hospital infections reach epidemic proportions’, etc. This module approaches infectious disease from several perspectives – exploring the underlying biology, epidemiology, ecology and evolution of pathogens in relation to the extraordinary immune defences of their human hosts.

  • Short Course in Learn About Human Genetics and Health Issues

    This course deals with a subject of importance to us all – our genes, which is an area at the forefront of developments in medical science. You’ll examine the patterns of inheritance of genes, how genes function and why there are differences between individuals and between populations. Learn about human genetics and health issues is one of a series of 100-hour flexible online courses introducing fascinating topics in science.