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Population: 2,050,671
# of Institutes: 21
Academic Year: Runs from December to December
*= Approx. total

About Macedonia (FYROM)

Brief history of The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

With a history dating back thousands of years, the FYROM was first united in 356 BC by Philip II of Macedon in the Kingdom of Macedon. Philip's son, the famous Alexander the Great has conquered even more land and increased his empire. In 146 BC the Roman Empire established the Province of Macedonia, divided into 2 main parts, Prima and Salutaris. During the ruling of Domitian, the FYROM became part of the Province of Moesia. In medieval times it was part of the Byzantine Empire, the Bulgarian Empire, the Serbian Empire and the Ottoman Empire. In 1944 it became a part of Yugoslavia.
The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia became independent from Yugoslavia in 1991 in a peaceful manner. Greece opposed the decision on the name "Republic of Macedonia" by claiming that it abuses Hellenic heritage of the name and the symbols associated to it. The FYROM received a provisional designation of "the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia".


The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is a parliamentary democracy. The President is the head of the state elected every five years for maximum 2 mandates. The legislative body is the Parliament with 120 members elected for 4 years and the executive body is the Government headed by the Prime Minister that also elects the members of the Government for a period of 4 years.

About the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

General facts and figures
The capital is Skopje. The local time is GMT +1. The official language is Macedonian and the currency is the Macedonian denar. It borders Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and Albania
Its surface Area:

  • total: 25,713 sq. km
  • land: 25,433 sq. km
  • water: 280 sq. km

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia has a population of 2,082,370 (July 2012 est.).

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